Brand Editorials
Our editorial team produces a suite of interactive articles that explore how people are using technology to solve big problems and improve lives worldwide. Each article uses a unique combination of photo essay, written narrative, audio, and video to highlight the ideas, individuals, and innovations relevant to the story.
Daniel and the Sea of Sound
Daniel DeLeon's passion for music led him to a job at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, where he uses TensorFlow machine learning to better identify whale calls and improve research on migration patterns. Read Daniel's story at
Living to Serve
Matt Landis is a veteran, a former helicopter pilot, and a father of three. After an air crash unexpectedly returned Matt to civilian life, he discovered new ways to serve by creating Android-based assistive devices for people living with disabilities. Read Matt's story at
Pedaling for Peace
With only a tent, a bicycle, and Google Translate, Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar left his home in central India and embarked on a journey to spread peace, love, and compassion wherever he goes. Read Dnyan's story at
Weekend Warriors
Peter Welch leads the biggest metal-detecting club of its kind in the UK, and has made thousands of exciting discoveries. Read Peter's story at
The women missing from the silver screen and the technology used to find them
With support from, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media teamed up with Google machine learning engineers and USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering to develop software that accurately measures how often we see and hear women on-screen. Read their story here.