Moments in Search

Google Trends data can reveal and reflect cultural moments and movements. This film series explores these topics in depth through the questions we type into Google Search, turning data into powerful human stories.

International Women’s Day: A Moment In Search
Google Search Trends data shows that the world is searching for gender equality more than ever before.
Prom Season: A Moment in Search
It’s prom season, and the dance floor is calling. Check out the dance moves America searched for to get ready for the big event.
World Teachers' Day: A Moment in Search
For teachers, there’s always more to learn. This WorldTeachersDay, join us in celebrating all those whose life’s work is to instill a love for learning in the next generation.
Thanking First Responders: A Moment in Search
Here’s to the firefighters, nurses, police officers, EMTs, and everyone else who answers the call in times of crisis.
Black Girl Magic: A Moment in Search
According to Google Trends, more than ever the world is searching for “black girl magic” — an empowering phrase that celebrates the achievements, beauty and irrepressibility of Black women and girls.
Parenting 1:01: A Moment in Search
Google Trends data reveals that every night around 1am, searches for "how to help my child" peak. It’s a question that doesn’t age.