Search On — Shorts
Each Search On short features a fun set of characters using Google technology in inspiring, unexpected ways. Each story is scoped, written, shot, edited, and produced in-house using a small team and our own equipment.
Can two high school students use machine learning to predict wildfires?
Aditya Shah and Sanjana Shah — friends and high school students from Cupertino, California — used TensorFlow to build a Smart Wildfire Sensor. The tool helps predict where wildfires are likely to occur in a given area so that firefighters are better prepared to stop them.
How an artist uses Google Street View to paint the world
Looking for inspiration beyond his 1,800 person hometown of Burkesville, Kentucky, painter Bill Guffey turned to an unlikely source: Google Street View.
How machine learning helps scientists track asteroids
When NASA issued a worldwide challenge to help them better track the asteroids and comets that surround Earth, Gema Parreño answered the call. She used TensorFlow, Google’s machine learning tool, to create a program called Deep Asteroid, which helps identify and track near-Earth objects.
How machine learning helps identify potholes on Los Angeles roads
The streets of Los Angeles are peppered with potholes. To help identify and track them, three students at Loyola Marymount University developed a model using TensorFlow, Google’s open-source machine learning platform.
How a Congolese activist uses Google Search to help women find answers and opportunity
In 2012, Neema Namadamu opened the Maman Shujaa Media Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help create opportunity for women in her country. Since then, thousands of women have walked through its doors. Read more about Neema's work at
How an artist used Google Earth to craft a record-setting wedding proposal
For over 10 years, Tokyo resident Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi has been creating GPS art with Google Earth and Street View—but it was his very first drawing that was his biggest, in more ways than one.
How a metal detector and Google Earth are helping one man uncover the past
For Peter Welch, Google Earth is a window back in time, helping him discover centuries of history hidden beneath the surface of English farmlands.