Search On

Search On is an episodic storytelling series that celebrates the amazing ways people are solving problems with the help of Google technology. These stories are told as short documentaries paired with interactive online articles.

Our participants are ordinary people with extraordinary vision. They each had an idea, saw an opportunity, or weren’t satisfied with the way things were, so they set out on a quest in search of better answers. Each episode shines a light on people from all walks of life having unique and personal interactions with technology. Watch the series at

Search On
Series Trailer
Episode 1: An Eye Fit For Liberty
When his daughter needs a prosthetic eye, a father refuses to settle for less.
Episode 2: Beneath the Canopy
When saving the Amazon comes down to one tribe and an old cell phone.
Episode 3: Riding to Remember
When Alzheimer’s takes memories away, a bicycle helps bring them back.
Episode 4: Daniel and the Sea of Sound
When a young music lover follows the call of whales, he finds his own path.
Episode 5: The Agoraphobic Traveller
When an isolated artist kept the world out, technology helped let it in.
Episode 6: Living to Serve
When his call of duty ends, a veteran finds a new mission to build a more inclusive world.
Episode 7: Between Worlds
When one woman sets out to hack her way to a PhD, she brings her community with her.
Episode 8: Positive Current
As a water crisis affects an entire town, a determined 13-year-old scientist uses Android to help.
Episode 9: Pedaling for Peace
With only a tent, a bicycle, and Google Translate, Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar is a central India native on a four-year journey to meet, and learn from, a world of people.